Scientific Equipment

Zisun invests tens of millions of R&D expenses every year, and has built a first-class technology center with world-class scientific research equipment, pursuing the most stringent testing standards, the most comprehensive testing indicators, the most authoritative testing data, and the most timely testing feedback.Meanwhile, Zisun shares the precision instruments with the same industry to jointly promote scientific research.

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R&D Team

Relying on the two research institutes, Zisun has an independent R&D system and a professional R&D design team. At present, it has assembled 1 academician, 6 overseas experts, 1 senior engineer, 25 senior engineers, 2 engineers and several other developers.In the future, the R&D team will continue to grow. We will continue to unite technical experts at home and abroad to focus on technical research, cooperation and development.Taking energy conservation and cleansing as our responsibility, and happiness of future generations as our pursuit, we aim to make greater contributions to the field of energy conservation and cleanliness.

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Quality Control

ZISUN continued to improve the company's quality management, environmental protection, standards control capabilities and management performance. Zisun has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system. The products are upgraded and tested by ROHS and Fraunhofer. It provides a strong guarantee for R&D support, technical exchange and market developm-ent.

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Scientific Equipments

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