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Zisun Technology is a steadily growing platform-oriented company with future development driven by “team” and “innovation”.Founded in 2007, Zisun is a national high-tech enterprise with a national enterprise technology center. On January 22, 2015, Zisun was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange with stock code 603601. Zisun is always committed to the field of air purification and high efficiency energy-saving. In terms of air purification, Zisun is the only professional company in the world that can manufacture three main air filter materials with internationally top quality and scale at the same time, namely: high performance glass fiber filter, low resistance melt blown filter and high-efficiency PTFE membranes. In terms of high efficiency energy-saving, equipped with aerospace grade sound insulation technology and independent intellectual property rights, Zisun focus on the materials of new energy and aerospace insulation that can be widely used in commercial aircraft, high-speed rail, ship, green car and other fields.

Zisun Mission & Industrial Interconnection

From material manufacturing to customer service, creating industrial interconnection.

Critical materials

glass fiber/synthetic fiber/filtration membrane/sound and heat insulator


air filter/filtrator/FFU/filter bag/ air cleaning equipment/fresh air system


open platform / resource sharing / industry interaction


Service for air purification
and high efficient energy saving

With various high-performance materials researched independently, Zisun Technology can provide professional material matching solutions for air purification and high efficient energy saving. Meanwhile, its integration of superior resources, high-end application equipment and strong scientific research system, large-scale production base, adequate capital make it much possible for Zisun to absorb the cooperation of high-quality global companies and achieve industrial interconnection.

Developing Process


Registered in Yubei District, Chongqing, China


Recognized as high-tech enterprises


Established Xuanhan Zhengyuan Micro Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. as the raw materials base, which has become the largest micro glass fiber industrial park in China.


Successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange and founded Chongqing Fiber Research and Design Co., Ltd with an academician expert workstation in the same year.


Bought Chongqing Paper Making Industry Research&Design Institute which is the production base of China's pulp paper industry, light industry and military.


Fully-owned acquisition of U-Air, extending the industrial chain to the downstream, established Beijing Zaisheng, increased capital in Shenzhen Zhongfang, and set up Chongqing Baoman, achieving further expansion of the product structure.


Certified by the National Enterprise Technology Center.The ultra-fine fiberglass cotton has passed the certification of the EUCEB(European Certification Board for Mineral Wool Products), promoting industrial agglomeration and empowering the three manufacturing centers.


Creating a new headquarters with 22 thousand square meters, establishing a smart office and the world-class acoustic lab.


Concentrating on industrial interconnection and realizing the transition from material manufacturing to customer service as well as the domestic first-line brands to international first-line brands.

Present and Future

Corporate environment

Warm and comfortable working environment and harmonious working atmosphere

Smart office

Luxury experience center of clean air and energy efficiency casts more talents

Focusing on clean and energy saving

Zisun Technology will continue to create cleaner environment for living, producing and operating form prevention, in-process control and post-governance. To be the users is to enjoy the cleanest air, Zisun is always committed to No excuse and only action. To be the partners is to share the best team resources, Zisun is contributing to industrial interconnection and expecting to mutual growth. To be the staff is to join in the most powerful team and to get the innovative force, Zisun is appreciating the joint efforts to creating clean and energy saving world. The future is arriving and Zisun is waiting for your arrival. For more detail, please click below to get the relevant information!

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