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First-class enterprise, First-class staff, First-class salary

ZISUN is a fast growing company with the mission of "Working hard for energy saving and air purification, striving for the happiness of our offspring". "First-Class Enterprise, First-Class Staff, First-Class Salary" is our management motto and, “No excuse and only action” is the company culture, which we significantly practice and perform with it in our daily works. As a member of ZISUN, everyone is so proud of as well as confident in serving the low carbon economy and a health industry.

We have established a complete and comprehensive recruitment, training, career development and salary system, which can ensure us be committed to creating a comfortable space and efficient working atmosphere for our employees, finally providing a broad career development space for all of us.

Zisun is in a period of rapid development. We value in our team, focus on innovation and look to the future. We believe that only a team that is energetic will keep it alive. Youngs’ thinking way will create more innovation ability for Zisun. Therefore, we provide young people with a platform to show their own talents, on which to realize the rapid growth of both individuals and enterprise .

This is a company with passion, with a group of kind career partners, sharing a fast-growing platform. We look forward to your strength can be showed in the journey of creating a international famous brand. Just join us!

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Talent is a scarce resource

Respect each other and choose each other

Loyal to the company and share the future together.

Everyone has its position in Zisun

Everyone serve its position in Zisun

No excuse and only action.

Team building and innovation as the driving force.

Provide a future-oriented platform for you.