Quality Control

Quality Control

The Digital Workshop

The digital workshop with intelligent automation of high-end air filter material can control the production process better and decrease man-made inference, which effectively reduces production error, improve precision and minimize scrap rate.

Equipped with leading manufacturing facility

Continuously optimizing the manufacturing system, the company has achieved digital supervision and autocontrol of the whole production process. Bringing in advanced on-line detection device for key indicators which combined with a comprehensive inspection, the company is aiming to ensure quality stabilization and provide customers with the best products continuously.

Product testing conforms to domestic and international standards

EN779 Testing the filtration performance of particulate air filters in indoor air conditioning systems

ISO16890 General ventilation air filter testing standards

ASHRAE 52.2 Method for testing general ventilating air cleaning equipment according to removal efficiency of different particle sizes

EN1822 Flat plate filter test for suspended particles

ISO 16889 Hydraulic Oil Drive - Filter - Multiple Pass Method to Evaluate Filtration Characteristics of Filter Elements

ISO 4548-12 Internal combustion engines - Full-flow oils - Test methods - Part 12 - Determination of filtration efficiency by particle counting and dust holding capacity

ISO 19438 Diesel fuel and gasoline filters for internal combustion engines - Determination of filtration efficiency by particle counting and contaminant retention

ASTM F316-03 Determination of membrane filter pore size by bubble point and average flow pore test method

AATCC 118-2002 Oil repellency: impedance testing of hydrocarbons

ISO 12677-2011 Chemical Analysis of Refractory Products by X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Droplet Method

GBT 28535-2012 Lead acid battery separator

JCT 978-2012 Microfiber glass wool

GB/T 1549-2008 Fiberglass chemical analysis method

JBT 7630.1-2008 Lead-acid battery ultra-fine glass fiber separator

GB 8940.1-1988 Paper and board whiteness determination 45/0 directional reflection method

CRAA 431.3 High efficiency air filter, Part 3, Filter paper filtration performance test method

GB/T 454-2002 Determination of paper breakage

quality management system

Process Management

Automatic control system contributes to visual monitoring and management.

Quality Data Monitoring

On-line Real-time Data Monitoring guarantees intelligent detection and early warning.

QC Team

Professional inspectors and standardized process operations achieved accurate inspection output.

Quality System

Passed the international quality management system certification ISO9001-2015.