Value-added Services

Providing clean air for thousands of families is the industry dream and mission of Zisun technology people! To have clean air, you need to choose a good filter. To make a good filter, choosing the right filter material is the most important primary condition! Zisun Technology is the only company in the world which can manufacture three major air filtration materials at the same time, glass fiber filter media, low-resistance melt-blown filter material and high-efficiency PTFE filtration membrane. Those material we produce with high quality and large production capability which ensure us be in the international leading position in air purification field. More than 1,300 loyal customers trust us ,and Zisun always diligent to provide excellent idea on how to choose air filter materials to all of our customers! Zisun technology, definitely an ideal choice to you! As a fast-growing platform-based company with team and innovation as its driving force and future-oriented, Zisun Technology shares its research team, precision testing equipment, technological innovation, superior financing platform and warehouse logistics network with a comprehensive open attitude,supporting more users in above way, building a complete ecosystem with our users, partners, suppliers, etc.,finally provide high-quality air filters and clean air directly or indirectly to thousands of families through our users.