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Glass Microfiber Filter Media

Product description

Having a great filtration efficiency for PM2.5 and PM10, glass microfiber filter media Is widely used in the high-end air filtration environment such as industrial clean room. It is also partially applied in civil use. Depending on the different reequipments of clients, our product can be designed, produced and supplied in compliance with national or international standards such as EN779/ISO16890.

Application field

ASHREA: air conditioning system, gas turbine and air compressor etc. 

HEPA: CL-10K/100K clean room, fresh air system. It’s widely used in shopping mall, hospital, housing, livestock sectors. It can also be applied in nuclear power plant exhaust, high-end vacuum cleaner, air purifier and gas mask.  

ULPA: primarily used in chip factory and CL-100/10/1 clean room in semiconductor, microelectronics, biopharmaceutical, operating room, special medical treatment environment.