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Vacuum Insulation Panel Core Material

Product description

It has excellent thermal conductivity, flame retardancy and porosity (thermal conductivity is generally 0.035W/mK). Thermal conductivity of the vacuum insulation panel made of this core material can reach 0.0018W/mK. Moreover, the thermal insulation performance is 10 times better than traditional polyurethane foam. it can be used to increase the effective volume of various back-end products, reduce the use of foamed plastics, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to environmental protection such as energy saving and plasticizing.

Application field

Refrigeration industry: refrigerators, freezers, vending machines
Cold chain transportation: cold storage, refrigerated truck, freezer
Small household appliances: water heater, car refrigerator, electric kettle, rice cooker
Construction industry: wall insulation
Other: special equipment insulation