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Fresh Air System

Product description

Zisun Technology is developing a fresh air system that will meet the clean air requirements for public space and private space. On the basis of the regional purification of common air purification equipments, additionally our fresh air system had added a process which permits a air exchange between inside space and outside space, in that case polluted air could be cleaned up or sucked out while fresh air could be invited in. It can remove pollutants from the outside including dust, harmful gases, odors etc., in addition, the circulating air or return air can be purified and polluted residual air from inside or outside can be controlled. Through the normal operation of the fresh air system, the air inside the building remains clean and prevents external pollutants from entering the building.

Professional design team:


Application field

At present, air filtration fresh air system are becoming more and more popular for transportation hubs such as airports and railway stations, public affairs centers such as museums and libraries, commercial buildings, schools and hospitals.