Empowered Platform

Two Major Institutes

Chongqing Fiber Research & Design Institute

Chongqing Fiber Research and Design Co., Ltd. was established in September 2015 with a registered capital of 25 million yuan.It was jointly established by Chongqing LinKong Development Investment Co., Ltd. (government agency) and Zisun Technology. It is the first pilot research institute of independent legal person research and development institution in Chongqing Yubei.Chongqing Fiber Research and Design Institute has a team of internal experts in Zisun Technology. At present, Zisun Technology has absorbed a large number of professionals at home and abroad,and has established a national enterprise technology center and an academician expert workstation.We have obtained rich R&D experience and results.

Chongqing Papermaking Industry Research & Design Institute

Founded in 1953,Chongqing Papermaking Industry Research & Design Co., Ltd.is an important comprehensive scientific research and production base of pulp and paper making industry、light industry and military industry.It has rich experience in filter paper manufacturing and abundant scientific research results, and it’s in the leading position in the research, production, technical equipment and testing methods of glass fiber air filtration, liquid filtration, oil and gas separation and filtration, high performance battery separators. At present, it has cooperated deeply with American partner companies to become a global battery separator research center with a comparable quality scale and capability scale.

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